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SignalFx Sink

This sink sends Veneur metrics to SignalFx.


See the various signalfx_* keys in example.yaml for all available configuration options.


This sink is stable. This sink does not yet provide all of the functionality that SignalFx allows. Some of Veneur's primitives still need to be mapped to those of SignalFx.



Enabled if signalfx_api_key is set to a non-empty value.

  • Counters are counters.
  • Gauges are gauges.

The following tags are mapped to SignalFx fields as follows:

  • The configured Veneur hostname field is sent to SignalFx as the value from signalfx_hostname_tag.


  • Does not handle events correctly yet, only copies timestamp, title and tags.
  • SignalFx does not have a formal concept of per-metric hosts, so signalfx_hostname_tag may need some work.
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