JavaScript FFT module using asm.js
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asm.js FFT module


Creating FftModule

var fftasm = new FftModule(num fftsize, boolean enable-asm);

  • Codes are compiled in this phase.

Execute FFT

fftasm.fft(Array real, Array imag, boolean normalize);

  • here the real/imag are input data (Array or TypedArray)
  • real/imag array size should be matched to [fftsize].
  • real/imag will be overwritten with the results.

Execute FFT & get magnitude

fftasm.fftmag(Array real, Array imag);

  • here the real/imag are input data (Array or TypedArray)
  • the result will be placed to [real] array.

Test page is available on

Distributed under the MIT License