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latest release

Striso Control Firmware

This repository contains the firmware source code for the Striso board MPE MIDI controller. More information can be found on

Updating firmware

The latest release can be found on

To update the Striso board firmware plug in the Striso board with the config (square) button pressed, now it should attach as a flash drive. To update the firmware just copy the new .uf2 file to this drive, after which the device automatically reboots. The current firmware version can be found in INFO_FW.TXT, and can be backupped by copying CURRENT.UF2.

The UF2 bootloader can be found on

Build requirements

  • gcc-arm-none-eabi
  • faust (when synthesizer is modified)
  • git (for version number)
  • python3 (for uf2 file creation)