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How to add your success story/example?

You are programmer similar with git(hub).

  1. Fork this repo and clone it to your host.

  2. Next you should create directory describing your system.

  3. You need to look at lscpu output of tuned system to see socket count and cpu per socket values (you're probably already know it).

mkdir netutils-linux/examples/sockets_${socket_count}_cpus_${cpu_per_socket}_nic_${netdevs_count}
  1. If directory already exists and your scenario differs - add _1 or _2 suffix.

For example: netutils-linux/examples/sockets_2_cpus_8_nic_4/

  1. Add a README.md based on README.tmplt.md (replace commands with their output).
git status
git add -p
git commit -m "Added(examples): success story of $your_or_your_company_name"
git push origin master
  1. Open pull request to this repo.