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This repository is just a container for the repositories of the servers making up a simple instance of a CartoDB service, and scripts to get a development instance quickly up and running:

./configure && make && ./start

To check everything is working as expected, run: make check.

For more info about CartoDB: http://www.cartodb.com


Pull requests for the wrapper can be sent on the github page: https://github.com/strk/easycartodb

Note that all the submodules point at my own fork of them. This is to allow to more easily add configurationo changes to them (configuration being the main value added by this project).

May you have particular configuration needs, the correct way to handle them would be adding the appropriate configure switched in the relevant submodules and then mirror them in the --help response of the top-level dir.

Pull request for submodule configuration changes should go upstream when possible:

Or to the fork, if not still in sync with the upstream: