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The maintainer of Gnash is:
Rob Savoye <>
Sandro Santilli <>
Bastiaan Jacques <>
Tomas Groth <>
Udo Giacomozzi <>
Markus Gothe <>
Hannes Mayr <>
John Gilmore <>
Zou Lunkai <>
Benjamin Wolsey <>
Plus a host of other contributors (see ChangeLog).
The authors of Gameswf, which was the original code base for Gnash, are as
Thatcher Ulrich <> -- maintainer, most of the code so far
Mike Shaver -- fixes for Linux, morph shapes in gameswf
Thierry Berger-Perrin -- fixes, fixes for Linux, Linux version of memory
mapping wrapper, mp3 handling for gameswf player
Ignacio Castaño -- fixes in chunklod, lots of code and fixes for gameswf
Willem Kokke -- gameswf_parser, clip shapes, other misc gameswf code & test
Vitaly Alexeev -- gameswf bug fixes, tag 17 (button sound), some morphing code, test cases, etc
Alexander Streit -- faster image resampling code for gameswf
Bug reports, small patches & testing
Julien Cayzac
Aaron Pfeiffer
Dave Moore
Daniel Phillips
Mark Hodson
Zousar Shaker
Kostas Pataridis
Bryan Perfetto
Adam Moss