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Simple script to view a PostGIS topology using QuantumGIS
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Simple script to generate a QGis project for a PostGIS topology.


 - A posix shell for creating the project file.
 - QGis >= 1.7.0 with fix for bug #3845 for loading the project file.
 - Oh, well... PostGIS 2.0.0 for creating a topology.


Create a project for topology named "mytopo":

 $ ./ mytopo

Add PGDATABASE env variable if different from your username:

 $  PGDATABASE=mydb ./ mytopo

Add -x switch if you also want to start qgis:

 $ PGDATABASE=mydb ./ -x mytopo

The created project file will be created in the present working directory
and named after the parameters. For the example above:


If the file already exist you'll be asked if you want to override it.
You can still open the file w/out overriding the existing one (maybe 
because you tweaked it slightly).

License and credits

Work is in the public domain.
Feel free to send a virtual beer to
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