A simple dialog-based internet radio tuner
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= What is it

A simple dialog-based internet radio tuner.

= Motivations

Listening to music shouldn't require a complex graphical
user interface. Also, it is nice to be able to control
what's beeing played from wherever on the house network.
Finally, the members of my family are not inclined to 
tecnology, so a simple interface enables them to use it.

= Requirements

Uses mplayer for playing, alsamixer for setting volume,
dialog for the interface. Reads station urls from files
in a PATH (/etc/radio, $HOME/.radio).

= Obtaining station files

To extract a station url you usually read the source of the html
page serving the stream and seek for the EMBED tag. That tag
would have a parameter looking like a filename. Append the filename
to the baseurl and you should get a datafile containing the url
of the stream. You can just drop that datafile under /etc/radio
giving it a meaningful name for you.

The stations/ directory contain some tools to extract stations data
from other applications.

See also http://strk.keybit.net/code/radio/ for station file collections.

= Install

Copy the 'radio' script somewhere in your PATH.
The 'stations' directory contains some station files you can
copy to /etc/radio or $HOME/.radio. Note that lines starting with 
the hash char (#) are comments, and I use them to remember
where did I get the stream url from, and how (in case stream
stops working).

= Limitations (TODO)

 - doesn't show mplayer output. Would be useful for debugging,
   and also to see the cache is filling.

 - doesn't store station being played on the filesystem, so
   another instance won't recognize a station is already playing.