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Scripts and files used when setting up my personal Macs. The repository is stored on a flash drive. After initial log in on a new Mac the drive is plugged in and I double click go.command to kick it off.


This is the base script that starts everything else. It does a few things:

  1. Instal xcode command line tools
  2. Copy various config files. Some of these are in the private folder which is not pushed to GitHub.
  3. Run the other scripts.
    • - Install HomeBrew and a couple packages
    • - Set up the Terminal how I like it. This one does a bunch. It installs the Source Code Pro font and the Base16 color scheme for vim and Terminal.
    • - Installs mas command line tool, prompts user to sign in to Mac App Store, then installs a bunch of app store applications.
    • - I use Munki to manage my fleet and this script adds several applications the the SelfServeManifest so munki will install them.
    • - Finally, this install the application and runs it.
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