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video inpainting code from my master's thesis
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Scribble Video Inpainting

This is the code accompanying the paper: M. Strobel, J. Diebold, D. Cremers: Color and Flow Inpainting for Video Completion. In: German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), 2014

The PDF can be found here

If you find it useful please cite it using:

    author={M. Strobel and J. Diebold and D. Cremers},
    title={Flow and Color Inpainting for Video Completion},
    booktitle = "German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR)",
    year= {2014},
    address={M\"unster, Germany},
    keywords={video completion, video inpainting, disocclusion, temporal consistency, segmentation, optical flow}
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