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# Copyright (c) 2010 Matej Laitl <>
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 or any
# later version of the license, at your option.
PyBayes is an effort to create general, convenient to use and fast library for Bayesian filtering
(and perhaps decision making in future). It is written in Python, but can make use of Cython to
accelerate performance-critical code-paths.
You may want to see `my bachelor thesis`_ for introduction to recursice Bayesian estimation,
underlying software analysis and background information for PyBayes.
.. _my bachelor thesis: thesis.pdf
from pdfs import RVComp, RV, CPdf, Pdf, UniPdf, AbstractGaussPdf, GaussPdf, LogNormPdf
from pdfs import GammaPdf, InverseGammaPdf, AbstractEmpPdf, EmpPdf, MarginalizedEmpPdf, ProdPdf
from pdfs import MLinGaussCPdf, LinGaussCPdf, GaussCPdf, GammaCPdf, InverseGammaCPdf, ProdCPdf
from filters import Filter, KalmanFilter, ParticleFilter, MarginalizedParticleFilter
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