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# Copyright (c) 2011 Matej Laitl <>
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 or any
# later version of the license, at your option.
An additional subcommand to distutils' build to handle Python/Cython build of PyBayes
from distutils.cmd import Command
from distutils.errors import DistutilsSetupError
import distutils.log as log
from distutils.sysconfig import get_config_var
from glob import glob
import os
import string
class PyBayesBuildPrepare(Command):
"""Additional build step that is used to add Cython Extension per each module that is specified"""
def initialize_options(self):
self.ext_options = {} # options common to all extensions
self.ext_options['include_dirs'] = [self.distribution.numpy_include_dir]
self.ext_options['extra_compile_args'] = ['-O2']
self.ext_options['extra_link_args'] = ['-Wl,-O1']
self.ext_options['pyrex_c_in_temp'] = True # do not pollute source directory with .c files
self.ext_options['pyrex_directives'] = {'profile':self.distribution.profile, 'infer_types':True}
self.ext_options['pyrex_include_dirs'] = ['tokyo'] # find tokyo.pxd from bundled tokyo
def finalize_options(self):
# these are just aliases to distribution variables
self.packages = self.distribution.packages
self.py_modules = self.distribution.py_modules
self.package_data = self.distribution.package_data
self.package_dir = {}
if self.distribution.package_dir:
for name, path in self.distribution.package_dir.items():
self.package_dir[name] = convert_path(path)
if self.py_modules:
raise DistutilsSetupError("PyBayes-tweaked distutils doesn't support nonempty `py_modules`")
if not self.packages:
raise DistutilsSetupError("PyBayes-tweaked distutils doesn't support nempty `packages`")
def run(self):
build_py = self.distribution.get_command_obj('build_py')
self.get_package_dir = build_py.get_package_dir # borrow a method from build_py
self.check_package = build_py.check_package # ditto
for package in self.packages:
package_dir = self.get_package_dir(package)
self.inject_package_modules(package, package_dir)
#deps.append('tokyo/tokyo.pxd') # plus tokyo's pxd file
# TODO: add cython's numpy.pxd as a dependency
# build and install bundled tokyo
'tokyo', # module name
['tokyo/tokyo.pyx', 'tokyo/tokyo.pxd'], # source file and deps
libraries=['cblas', 'lapack', 'clapack'], # TODO!!! somewhere lapack, somewhere clapack
library_dirs=[os.path.join(get_config_var('LIBDIR'), 'atlas')],
self.package_data['tokyo'] = '*.pxd'
def inject_package_modules (self, package, package_dir):
"""This is our purpose and a hack - we create Cython extensions here"""
self.check_package(package, package_dir)
py_files = glob(os.path.join(package_dir, "*.py"))
pyx_files = glob(os.path.join(package_dir, "*.pyx"))
for pyx_file in pyx_files: # subtract py files that also have a pyx file
corres_py_file = pyx_file[:-3]+"py" # corresponding .py file
if corres_py_file in py_files:
del py_files[py_files.index(corres_py_file)]
pxd_files = glob(os.path.join(package_dir, "*.pxd"))
setup_script = os.path.abspath(self.distribution.script_name)
if package not in self.package_data:
self.package_data[package] = []
# per-package data have to have path relative to their package
self.package_data[package] += [os.path.basename(pxd_file) for pxd_file in pxd_files]
for f in py_files + pyx_files:
if os.path.abspath(f) == setup_script:
self.debug_print("excluding %s" % setup_script)
if os.path.basename(f) == '':
# otherwise import package (`import pybayes`) does not really work
module = os.path.splitext(f)[0].replace("/", ".")
self.inject_extension(package, module, f, pxd_files)
def inject_extension(self, package, module, f, pxd_files):
for ext in self.distribution.ext_modules:
if == module:
return # do not add duplicate entries
paths = [f] # TODO + deps # simple "every module depends on all pxd files" logic"injecting Cython extension {0}".format(paths[0]))
self.distribution.Extension(module, paths, **self.ext_options)
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