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filters: reduce parameters of the ParticleFilter

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strohel committed Aug 29, 2012
1 parent 6493e4c commit 378828b84327c8c0cfdc046105a46dd9bf53debe
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@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ recent versions are mentioned on top.
Changes between 0.3 and 0.4
+* ParticleFilter lost last emp_pdf argument. Pass the same object as the init_pdf argument
+ to achieve the same thing.
* Test-suite no longer needs PyBayes to be installed, yay! (no privilege problems etc.)
* Build-system was rewritten so that it is no longer an ugly hack. .pxd and .py files are now
installed along .so (.dll) files for interoperability and additional openness. Better parsing of
@@ -249,18 +249,18 @@ class ParticleFilter(Filter):
.. math:: p(x_t|y_{1:t}) = \sum_{i=1}^n \omega_i \delta ( x_t - x_t^{(i)} )
- def __init__(self, n, init_pdf, p_xt_xtp, p_yt_xt, emp = None):
+ def __init__(self, n, init_pdf, p_xt_xtp, p_yt_xt):
r"""Initialise particle filter.
:param int n: number of particles
- :param init_pdf: probability density which initial particles are sampled from
+ :param init_pdf: either :class:`~pybayes.pdfs.EmpPdf` instance that will be used
+ directly as a posterior (and should already have initial particles sampled) or
+ any other probability density which initial particles are sampled from
:type init_pdf: :class:`~pybayes.pdfs.Pdf`
:param p_xt_xtp: :math:`p(x_t|x_{t-1})` cpdf of state in *t* given state in *t-1*
:type p_xt_xtp: :class:`~pybayes.pdfs.CPdf`
:param p_yt_xt: :math:`p(y_t|x_t)` cpdf of observation in *t* given state in *t*
:type p_yt_xt: :class:`~pybayes.pdfs.CPdf`
- :param emp: (optional) instance of :class:`~pybayes.pdfs.EmpPdf` (sublass) to use
- as posterior pdf. Otherwise *emp* is constructed as ``EmpPdf(init_pdf.samples(n))``
if not isinstance(n, int) or n < 1:
raise TypeError("n must be a positive integer")
@@ -280,13 +280,10 @@ def __init__(self, n, init_pdf, p_xt_xtp, p_yt_xt, emp = None):
.format(dim, p_yt_xt.cond_shape()))
self.p_yt_xt = p_yt_xt
- if emp is None:
- # generate initial particles:
- self.emp = EmpPdf(init_pdf.samples(n))
+ if isinstance(init_pdf, EmpPdf):
+ self.emp = init_pdf # use directly
- assert isinstance(emp, EmpPdf)
- assert emp.shape() == dim
- self.emp = emp
+ self.emp = EmpPdf(init_pdf.samples(n))
def bayes(self, yt, cond = None):
r"""Perform Bayes rule for new measurement :math:`y_t`.

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