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ChangeLog: add notes about Cython memoryview transition

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Changes between 0.3 and 0.4
+* The optimised Cython PyBayes version was turned to use Cython memoryviews (with help
+ from Ceygen_) instead of NumPy arrays where it makes sense. Cython memoryviews and NumPy
+ arrays are mostly mutually compatible, but you may need to use :func:`np.asarray(...)
+ <numpy.asarray>` or convert your code to use e.g. :func:`np.sum(pybayes_result)
+ <numpy.sum>` instead of :obj:`pybayes_result.sum() <numpy.ndarray.sum>`. Alternatively,
+ you can convert your code to use Cython memoryviews too.
* Use of bundled Tokyo is replaced by the Ceygen_ project and Tokyo submodule is removed.
* ParticleFilter.bayes() now ignores cond completely. Yell if you need it.
* ParticleFilter lost last emp_pdf argument. Pass the same object as the init_pdf argument

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