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Welcome to the Facepager wiki!

We are really happy that you want to work with this program and want to learn more about automated data collection with Facepager. This wiki will help you to understand the program: how it works and what you can do with it.

Everyone has to start from the beginning, so just look at the Getting Started section to start your journey with Facepager. You have for sure a lot of question and are looking for answers. Our FAQ will help you to get the answers to the most common questions.

In case you can't find an answer for your problem and still need help, come to the Facebook User Group. This group is a place to help each other, discuss issues and finally improve the Facepager experience.

A bug can be beautiful in nature, but is just annoying in a program. If a little bug makes your work with Facepager a living hell, please let us know in our GitHub Issues.

Now we wish you a lot of fun and great findings! After all, this is the key point!


Jünger, Jakob / Keyling, Till (2018). Facepager. An application for generic data retrieval through APIs. Source code and releases available at

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