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The Strongback project is operated as a community-centric open source project. Although founded by FRC Team 4931, we hope that many teams want to use Strongback and contribute to our community. Everyone is welcome in our community.


Strongback is dedicated to providing a harassment-free community for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or tabs vs spaces preference. We do not tolerate harassment of community members in any form. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments, sexual images, deliberate intimidation, stalking, sustained disruption, and inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Community members asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Follow us

The best place to hear about new releases is by following @strongbacklib on Twitter.


You can contribute to Strongback by using it, asking or answering questions, reporting problems, writing documentation, fixing bugs, discussing plans, and developing new features.

To participate in any capacity or to simply follow along, please join one or both of these chat rooms:

  • Users - Join this if you want to ask a question about Strongback.
  • Developers - Join this if you want to discuss development, features, functionality, design, or architecture.

You can read and search these rooms without signing up, but to post messages you'll need to sign in using a GitHub account. These rooms are “persistent chat rooms”, meaning that everyone can see and search the entire history of the chat rooms, so you don’t miss something when your not connected. You can access Gitter using your browser or any of Gitter's desktop and mobile applications, and you can even configure email notifications if you prefer that.


All Strongback code is hosted in our GitHub repositories. Have a look, get the latest code and build it locally, or Learn how to contribute code Strongback's coding conventions

Physical test platforms

We'd like to open source the designs for a series of hardware bench tests that will help us test Strongback. The idea is that we'd publish specifications and CAD drawings for each test platform, and then also open source the test code for each platform. Multiple FRC teams could volunteer to build one or several physical test platforms, download and install the appropriate test code on the platform, run the tests, and report the results and any problems or issues. Using this approach, the whole Strongback community can band together to significantly test and verify each release, and make Strongback that much better for FRC teams to use on their competition robots.


Our website simply redirects to the Strongback GitHub community. At some point we hope to have an actual website that's easy for you to contribute to documentation or website design. Until then, we have our Using Strongback online book, and we accept contributions and corrects to that as well.


Talk about the Strongback community, write a blog post, or tweet about it using the #StrongbackLib hashtag or mentioning @StrongbackLib in your tweets!

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