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EXPERIMENTAL: Redis connector for LoopBack.
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 * Start 3.x + drop support for Node v0.10/v0.12 (siddhipai)
 * Drop support for Node v0.10 and v0.12 (Siddhi Pai)
 * Start the development of the next major version (Siddhi Pai)
 * fixes #44: stop destroyAll returning errors (Robert McLeod)
 * refs #41: stop upsert existing model returns string on non-string fields (Robert McLeod)
 * Update (Rand McKinney)
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StrongLoop Labs

This project provides early access to advanced or experimental functionality. It may lack usability, completeness, documentation, and robustness, and may be outdated.

However, StrongLoop supports this project. Community users, please report bugs on GitHub.


The official Redis connector for the LoopBack framework.


Install dependencies

Install the required dependencies via NPM:

npm install --save loopback-connector-redis
npm install --save loopback-datasource-juggler

This connector depends on loopback-datasource-juggler.

Configure a Redis datasource

In your code, declare Redis as a datasource:

var DataSource = require('loopback-datasource-juggler).DataSource;

var ds = new DataSource('redis');


  1. Start the Redis server (using the default port)
  2. Run npm test


Existing data in database 0 may be deleted

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