iOS Client SDK for the LoopBack framework.
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LoopBack iOS SDK


As a former StrongLoop Labs project, this SDK may lack usability, completeness, documentation, and robustness, and may be outdated. StrongLoop/IBM is no longer maintaining this project actively, however we do provide support for our paying customers through usual IBM support channels.

Our recommendatios is to use IBM Mobile First platform or Swagger codegen instead of this SDK.

We are looking for volunteers from our community to pick up the maintenance of this project, see


The LoopBack iOS SDK obviates the need for using the clunky NSURLRequest and similar interfaces to interact with a LoopBack-based backend, albeit RESTful. Instead, interact with your Models and Data Sources in a comfortable, first-class, native manner.

This section describes v1.1 version of the LoopBack iOS SDK. The following API changes were made:

  • LBModelPrototype was renamed to LBModelRepository
  • findWithId was renamed to findById

See also the LoopBack iOS SDK documentation.