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Development Dependencies

Express development dependencies are stored within the ./support directory. To update them execute:

$ git submodule update --init

Running Tests

Express uses the Expresso TDD framework to write and run elegant test suites extremely fast. To run all test suites simply execute:

$ make test

To target specific suites we may specify the files via:

$ make test TESTS=test/view.test.js

To check test coverage run:

$ make test-cov


To accept a contribution, you should follow these guidelines:

  • All tests must pass
  • Your alterations or additions must include tests
  • Your commit(s) should be focused, do not commit once for several changes
  • Do not alter release information such as the version, or
  • Indents are 2 spaces.


To contribute documentation edit the markdown files in ./docs, however do not run make docs, as they will be re-built and published with each release.

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