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* Added; deduce partial object names from the last segment.
For example by default `partial('forum/post', postObject)` will
give you the _post_ object, providing a meaningful default.
* Added http status code string representation to `res.redirect()` body
* Added; `res.redirect()` supporting _text/plain_ and _text/html_ via __Accept__.
* Added `` to aid in content negotiation
* Added partial local inheritance [suggested by masylum]. Closes #102
providing access to parent template locals.
* Added _-s, --session[s]_ flag to express(1) to add session related middleware
* Added _--template_ flag to express(1) to specify the
template engine to use.
* Added _--css_ flag to express(1) to specify the
stylesheet engine to use (or just plain css by default).
* Added `app.all()` support [thanks aheckmann]
* Added partial direct object support.
You may now `partial('user', user)` providing the "user" local,
vs previously `partial('user', { object: user })`.
* Added _route-separation_ example since many people question ways
to do this with CommonJS modules. Also view the _blog_ example for
an alternative.
* Performance; caching view path derived partial object names
* Fixed partial local inheritance precedence. [reported by Nick Poulden] Closes #454
* Fixed jsonp support; _text/javascript_ as per mailinglist discussion
1.0.0rc4 / 2010-10-14
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