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Missing header returns undefined as typeof string #1152

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express v3.0.0alpha4

In a route using req.get(field) if the field doesn't exist it will return the string 'undefined' instead of undefined.

@tj tj closed this in 685eec0
tj commented

looks fine to me


req.get('Something-Else') does work correctly, I narrowed it down, req.get('X-AppID') fails, any other X-* header field works correctly as does any other header field name I've tested.


Completely unrelated: What's up tivs?!



Actually never mind, it was an error on my side, sorry for the false report.


Here's what I ran into:

  'Expires': getExpires(),

res.get('Expires')  // "undefined"

function getExpires() {
  // ...failed to get an expires time...
  return undefined;

When you set a header value of undefined, it looks like Express casts it to the string "undefined". This kind of feels like funky behavior on the part of Express -- I might expect that setting a header value of undefined would just not set that header.

Anyways, hope this helps someone.

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