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Bump current version in npm from 3.0.0rc4 to 3.0.0rc5 #1359

langpavel opened this Issue · 7 comments

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If 3.0.0rc5 is really last usable published, bump it in npm
currently npm install express fetch rc4

tj commented

weird my publish must have failed, thanks

@tj tj closed this
tj commented

hm.. it's in npm.. should be the latest, I've never had to do anything manual with that before

@tj tj reopened this

Very unhappy, will you report this to @isaacs?

tj commented

i remember something from way way back when I started the 3x stuff that I had to add publishConfig so that 3x wouldn't install by default or something like that, but I'm not sure why they would change all of a sudden, unless I accidentally invoked some other command


@visionmedia Ask isaacs, he always happy to help :-)


@visionmedia You have "publishConfig": { "tag": "3.0" } in your package.json file. That tells npm to tag it as 3.0 instead of tagging it as latest. If you do that, then you have to set the tag manually.

I'd recommend removing the publishConfig entirely, since you're working on 3.0 and want it to be tagged as latest by default.

@tj tj closed this in 1e870f0
tj commented

cool that worked thanks!

@dpatti dpatti referenced this issue from a commit in dpatti/mongoose
@aheckmann aheckmann remove publish config 11f10ca
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