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The build fails: "socket hang up" #1758

evjan opened this Issue · 13 comments

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Many recent builds have failed. 1 test seems to be the main culprit, and it spits out the following error:

1) res .sendfile(path, fn) should invoke the callback on socket error:
Uncaught Error: socket hang up
at createHangUpError (http.js:1442:15)
at Socket.socketOnEnd [as onend] (http.js:1538:23)
at Socket.g (events.js:175:14)
at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
at _stream_readable.js:910:16
at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

See the following builds for details:

tj commented

this is the only seemingly "real" bug of the currently failing tests, the others are from some tests manipulating a prototype somewhere, I'm trying to find that. As for this one it seems like it's either a bug in "send" or node not emitting "finish" properly, or we're just missing it

@tj tj was assigned

I think this is solved with the latest node stable build. node v10.21


@visionmedia @jonathanong we should update the travis build to be on v10.21


Tell Travis that. Also, I don't think it fixed it because I'm still seeing it locally


are you on latest stable build of node. It worked on my machine. osx node v10.21. I will check again tomorrow.


yeah 10.9 using node v0.10.21.


okay weird i'm not getting this anymore locally


yeah. I too got this working before. Dint check again though.


passes with travis too... now i'm really curious. i don't know if we should close this.



IMO, to be sure we can run this same test 10 times in a loop and if it passes on all occurrences we can close this one.


hmmm could've been supertest. i bumped it since it was a super old version before. yeah i'll close it for now. lol. freaking magic


we can close other related to this too i guess.


i think it's still open. i'm not sure though. i haven't checked if there's a test for it yet.

@tj tj was unassigned by evjan
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