Jun 28, 2018
 * remove unnecessary use of regex (Ryan Graham)
 * Fixed typo on forward proxy (Cemal Eker)
 * Fixed typo (Leopold Bradley)
 * don't log warning if env file doesn't exist (Ryan Graham)
May 21, 2018
 * Update outdated dependencies to latest (Miroslav Bajtoš)
 * Fix error "Unknown signal: null" (Kaspar Schiess)
 * Update supported Node.js versions (Miroslav Bajtoš)
Aug 25, 2016
 * Update URLs in CONTRIBUTING.md (#123) (Ryan Graham)
 * update copyright statements (Ryan Graham)
 * replace mu2 with mustache (Ryan Graham)
 * enable node v6 on CI (Ryan Graham)
Apr 30, 2016
 * 2.0.0-1 (Ryan Graham)
 * output environment varialbes in predicatable order (Ryan Graham)
 * Allow loading multiple ENV files. (Joe Esposito)
 * add --raw option to suppress log decorations (Andrew Herrington)
 * Changed handler name to error instead of proxyError (Nazar Hussain)
 * improve error messages when loading a procfile (toastynerd)
 * fix exported systemd unit dependencies (Guten Ye)
 * test: refactor tests to use ephemeral ports (Ryan Graham)
 * clean up CLI argument handling (Ryan Graham)
 * deps: upgrade commander (Ryan Graham)
 * fix padding of keys (Jeff Dickey)
 * fix 'nf' command name (Jeff Dickey)
 * disable trimming by default (Jeff Dickey)
 * reorderd colors (Jeff Dickey)
 * disable black/white colors (Jeff Dickey)
 * display exit code (Jeff Dickey)
 * test: use OS-specific env expansion (Ryan Graham)
 * test: improve assertion message (Ryan Graham)
 * disable node 6.x in Travis and Appveyor (Ryan Graham)
 * update Travis config and add Appveyor (Ryan Graham)
 * Remove note about dropping privileges (#108) (Ari Pollak)
 * fix jshint issues (Jeff Dickey)
 * jshint all local js files (Jeff Dickey)
 * added jshintignore (Jeff Dickey)
 * Add '' argument to sed -i to fix mac os tests (Ransom Briggs)
 * Small typo fix in README (Simon Taranto)
Nov 19, 2015
 * 2.0.0-0 (Ryan Graham)
 * Dont' drop sudo (Vasiliy Yorkin)
 * Cleanup: No need to duplicate the color keys, can use Object.keys() to ext from colors object (Sathish Kumar)
 * Adds support for SSL proxy (Jeff Kolesky)
 * update package scripts to be more portable (Ryan Graham)
 * Fix README to reflect Proxy SwitchSharp is no longer mantained (Leo Gallucci)
 * fix forward proxy `http-proxy` usage (Victor Kotseruba)
 * fix spawning multiple proxies (Victor Kotseruba)
Jun 9, 2015
 * package: don't include tests and fixtures (Ryan Graham)
 * update `http-proxy` (Victor Kotseruba)
Jun 3, 2015
 * Lint in travis (jigsaw)

 * fix iojs version (jigsaw)

 * support node 0.12.x and iojs 1.6.x (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/requirements (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/proxy (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/procfile (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/proc (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/forward (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/exporters (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/envs (jigsaw)

 * refactor console (jigsaw)

 * refactor lib/colors.js (jigsaw)

 * refactor forward.js (jigsaw)

 * refactor proxy.js and allow snake case (jigsaw)

 * refactor nf.js for jshint (jigsaw)

 * add jshint configure file (jigsaw)
Jan 23, 2015
 * Preserve indentation, but trim trailing whitespace (Ryan Graham)

 * style: tabs to 2 spaces, clean up indentation only (Ryan Graham)
Jan 13, 2015
 * Fix bad CLA URL in CONTRIBUTING.md (Ryan Graham)
Dec 27, 2014
 * fix: honour PORT if set in .env file (Ryan Graham)

 * cli: simplify version loading (Ryan Graham)