cluster control module, allowing run-time control and monitoring of cluster
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node cluster API wrapper and extensions

It is an extension of the node cluster module, not a replacement.

  • runs size workers (optionally), and monitors them for unexpected death
  • soft shutdown as well as hard termination of workers
  • throttles worker restart rate if they are exiting abnormally

It can be added to an existing application using the node cluster module without modifying how that application is currently starting up or using cluster, and still make use of additional features.

This is a component of the StrongLoop process manager, see


npm install --save strong-cluster-control


To instantiate cluster-control:

var cluster = require('cluster');
var control = require('strong-cluster-control');

// global setup here...

    size: control.CPUS
}).on('error', function(er) {

if(cluster.isWorker) {
    // do work here...




strong-cluster-control uses a dual license model.

You may use this library under the terms of the Artistic 2.0 license, or under the terms of the StrongLoop Subscription Agreement.