Your service implementation is a cooperation of your Core-components.
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Your service implementation is a cooperation of your core components

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COOperation is a component for organizing and structuring the code of your service layer with the help of NSOperation.

Key Features
🏰 Design beautiful and reusable business logic
🙏 Follow the SOLID principles out of the box
🍏 Use the Compound Operations concept introduced by Apple at WWDC 2015 (Advanced NSOperations)
Write unit and integration tests easily

COOperation is written in Objective-C with full Swift interop support. By the way, we are working on a Swift version!



The preferred installation method for COOperation is with CocoaPods. Simply add the following to your Podfile:

# Latest release of COOperation
pod 'COOperation'


Creating your "Chainable Operation"

import Foundation
import CompoundOperations

/// Chainable operation that performs network request
class NetworkRequestChainableOperation: ChainableOperationBase {
    /// Network client (Core-component)
    private let networkClient: NetworkClient
    init(networkClient: NetworkClient) {
        self.networkClient = networkClient
    // MARK: Executing
    override func inputDataClass() -> AnyClass? {
        return NSURLRequest.self
    override func processInputData(inputData: AnyObject?,
                                   completionBlock: ChainableOperationBaseOutputDataBlock) {
        let inputRequest = inputData as! NSURLRequest
        networkClient.performRequest(inputRequest) { (data, error) in
            completionBlock(data, error)

Creating your "Compound Operation"

    func obtainDataCompoundOperation(withResultBlock resultBlock: CompoundOperationResultBlock?) -> CompoundOperation {
        let networkRequestOperation = NetworkRequestChainableOperation(networkClient: NetworkClientImplementation())
        let deserializationOperation = DeserializationChainableOperation(deserializer: JSONDeserializer)

        let chainableOperations = [
        let operation = CompoundOperation.defaultCompoundOperation()
                                                   resultBlock: resultBlock)
        return operation

Using your "Compound Operation" in your services

    let compoundOperation = obtainDataCompoundOperation { (data, error) in
        // Process the result
    queue.addOperation(compoundOperation) // OR compoundOperation.start()





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