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"A mission planner for the rest of us"


mwptools provides a mission planner, terrain analysis, ground control station, real time flight logger and log replay / blackbox replay functions for the INAV FC firmware.

mwptools supports the full set of INAV and Multiwii WP types.


mwp supports the following telemetry protocols:

  • MSP (MultiWii Serial Protocol)
  • LTM (Lightweight Telemetry)
  • MAVLink (INAV subset)
  • Smartport (direct / via inverter / or from Multi-protocol Module)
  • Crossfire (CRSF)
  • Flysky AA (via Multi-protocol Module)
  • BulletGCCS MQTT

mwp also supports the real-time display of adjacent aircraft using:

  • INAV-radar (INAV UAS)
  • MAVlink Traffic Report (e.g. full-size aviation, typically ADS-B via a device such as uAvionix PingRX)
  • ADS-B using Dump1090 / SBS-1 Basestation streaming TCP protocol.

mwp also provides logging and the replay of:

  • mwp log files
  • Blackbox logs
  • OpenTX CSV (sdcard) logs
  • BulletGCSS logs
  • Ardupilot (.bin) log

Log replay requires tools from the flightlog2x project.

There is also an INAV Safehome editor.

In addition, mwp proivdes legacy suport for multiwii navigation functions.

User Guide

PDF in docs, searchable online user guide.


  • mwp : "A mission planner for the rest of us". Simple mission planning and monitoring. Mission Planning is provided for INAV and MW-NAV (MW 2.4+). Monitoring, logging and recording for INAV and MultiWii
  • Many standalone tools to manage flight logs, maintain CLI diffs, analyse logs etc.

Platforms and OS

The tools are designed to be portable and as far as possible platform and architecture agnostic. The suite is developed on Arch Linux and is tested on Debian (Bullseye, Sid), Ubuntu (latest and most recent LTS), Fedora (current) and FreeBSD (current release). mwp also runs on MS Windows, with Windows 11 / WSL-g is is pretty almost on feature parity with Linux / FreeBSD. Other (older) OS are unsupported, but may work (i.e. Debian 10).

mwp should build and running on any platform that supports (recent versions of):

  • gtk+3.0 (3.18 or later);
  • meson / ninja
  • vala and gcc or clang;
  • Clutter (software GL is fine);
  • libchamplain;
  • libespeak;
  • libgdl;
  • Go (golang) > 1.17. Please install the latest vendor release on older Linux distros (Debian Stable and older and derivatives).

mwptools is tested on x86_64, ia32, and aarch64 architectures (Linux / FreeBSD).

It is also possible to build and run mwp on MS Windows using:

  • Windows 11 / WSL-g Installation instructions.
  • Cygwin Recommended Windows solution prior to Windows 11
  • Windows 10 / WSL (slow, less stable, less recommended)
  • A virtual machine with a Linux guest.

The user guide and wiki provides further guidance.

Other OS / See also

For OS not supported by mwp (e.g. MacOS, IOS, Andriod), see also impload for a mission format converter and upload application.

Manual / User Guide

mwp manual / user guide


Support questions are best asked in the RC Groups board, the INAV Discord (off-topic) or Telegram channels or Github discussions / issues.

Changelog / Announcements

Important changes are announced on the wiki.


As mwptools makes no formal releases, you can update your installation from the master branch:

cd mwptools # the initial installation directory
git pull && cd build && ninja install

Note also that there is a Current Build Debian package mwptools_X.Y.Z_amd64.deb in the Github Releases area that is updated frequently.

Arch Linux

Arch users can install mwptools from the AUR package mwptools-git


As well as supporting INAV, mwp aims to be compatible with EOSBandi's WinGUI for MW. It used the same XML mission file format (with INAV and mwp extensions) and aims to provide similar functionally where possible.


GPL v3 or later


In addition to mwp, the following INAV mission planners (and GCS in some cases) exist, in various states of usefulness, at least:

The following alternatives exist for mwp-area-planner :