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Free PHP + Bootstrap + Jquery Whois System
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stroonsN Whois

Free open source php whois script with lots of tlds..

Demo Here:

How to install?

Just upload whois folder... You need to change LIMITS = 5 to whatever you want in config.ini file for limiting bulk whois requestes.

Required min. PHP 5.3+

Postscript: This whois system is quoted from Doyosi Whois

Supported TLDs

abogado, ac,,,,,,,,,,,,,, academy, accountants, actor, ad,, adult,, ae, aero, af, ag, agency,,,, airforce, allfinanz, alsace,, am,, android, apartments, aquarelle, archi, army,,,, as, asia,,,, associates, at,, attorney, au, auction, audio,, aw, ax, band, bank, bar, barclaycard, barclays, bargains, bayern,, be, beer, berlin, best, bg, bi, bike, bingo, bio,, biz,, bj,, black, blackfriday, blue, bmw, bnpparibas, boo, boutique, br,, brussels, budapest, build, builders, business, bw, by, bz, bzh, ca, cab, cal, camera, camp, cancerresearch, canon, capetown, capital, cards, care, career, careers, casa, cash, casino, cat, catering, cc, cd, center, ceo, cern, cf, ch, channel, chat, cheap, christmas, chrome, church, ci, city, cl, claims, cleaning, click, clinic, clothing, club, cn,,,, co,,,,,,,,,,,,,, coach, codes, coffee, college, cologne, com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, community, company, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contractors, cooking, cool, coop, country, courses,, credit, creditcard, cricket, cruises, cuisinella, cx, cymru, cz, dad, dance, dating, datsun, day, dclk, de, deals, degree, delivery, democrat, dental, dentist, desi, design, dev, diamonds, diet, digital, direct, directory, discount, dk, dm,, docs, domains, doosan, durban, dvag, dz, eat, ec,, edu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, education, ee, email, emerck, energy,, engineer, engineering, enterprises, epson, equipment,, es,, esq, estate,,, eu,,, eurovision, eus, events, exchange, expert, exposed, fail, fans, farm, fashion, feedback, fi,, finance, financial,, firmdale, fish, fishing, fit, fitness, flights, florist, flowers, flsmidth, fly, fm,, fo, foo, football, forsale,, foundation, fr, frl, frogans,, fund, furniture, futbol,, gal, gallery, garden,,, gbiz, gd,, gdn,,, gent, gf, gg, ggee, gi, gift, gifts, gives, gl, glass, gle, global, globo, gmail,, gmx,,,,,,, goldpoint, goo, goog, google, gop, gov,,,,,,,,,,,,, gq, gr, graphics, gratis, green, gripe, gs,,, guide, guitars, guru,,,, gy,, hamburg, hangout, haus,,, healthcare, help, here,, hiphop, hiv, hk,,, hn,, holdings, holiday, horse, host, hosting, house, how, hr, ht, hu,, ibm, id,, ie, ifm, il, im, immo, immobilien, in,,,,, industries,, infiniti, info,,,, ing, ink, institute, insure, int, international, investments, io, iq, ir, is, it,, java, jcb, je,, jobs, joburg,, jp,, juegos,,, kaufen, kddi, ke, kg,, ki,, kim, kitchen, kiwi,, koeln, kr, krd, ky, kyoto, kz, la, lacaixa, land, lat, latrobe, lawyer, lc, lease, leclerc, legal,,, lgbt, li, life, lighting, limited, limo, link,, loans, london, lotte, lt,, ltda, lu, luxe, luxury, lv,, ly, ma, madrid,, maison, management, mango,, market, marketing, md, me,,,, media,, melbourne, meme, memorial, menu, mg,, miami,, mil,,,,,,,, mini, mk, ml, mn, mo,, mobi, moda, monash, money, mortgage, moscow, mov, ms,, mtpc, mu,, museum, mx, my, mz, na, name, navy, nc,,, net,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, network, new, nexus, nf, ng, ngo,,, nico, ninja, nissan, nl,,, no,,,,,,, nra, nrw,,, nu,, nz,, om, one, ong, onl, ooo,,,,,, org,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, organic, ovh, paris, partners, parts,, pe, pf, ph, photo, photography, photos, physio, pics, pictures, pink, pizza, pl, place,, plumbing, pm, pohl, poker, porn, post,,, pr, press,,, pro,, prod, productions, prof, properties, property,,, pt, pub, pw, qa,,, quebec, re,,,,, recipes, red, rehab, reise, reisen, reit,, rentals, repair, report, republican,, rest, restaurant, reviews, rich, rio, rip, ro, rocks, rodeo, rs, rsvp, ru, ruhr, sa,, saarland, sale, samsung, sarl, saxo, sb, sc,, sca, scb, schmidt, school,,, schule, scot, se,,, services, sexy, sg, sh,, shiksha, shoes,, si, singles, sk,, sky,, sm, sn,, so,, social, software, solar, solutions,, soy, space,, spiegel, st,, study, style, su, sucks, supplies, supply, support, surf, surgery, sx, sy, sydney, systems, taipei,, tatar, tattoo, tax, tc, technology, tel, tennis, tf, th, tienda, tips, tires, tirol, tj,, tk, tl, tm,,,,,,, tn, to, today, tools, top, toshiba,, town, toys, training, travel,, trust, tt, tui,,, tv,, tw,, tz, ua, ug, uk,,,, university, uno, uol, us,, uy,, uz, vacations, vc, ve, vegas, ventures, versicherung, vet,, vg, viajes, video, villas, vision, vlaanderen, vodka, vote, voting, voto, voyage, vu, wales, wang, watch,,, website, wed, wedding, wf, whoswho, wien, wiki, wme, work, works, world, ws, wtc, wtf,,, xn--1qqw23a, xn--3bst00m, xn--3ds443g, xn--3e0b707e, xn--45q11c, xn--4gbrim, xn--55qw42g, xn--55qx5d, xn--6frz82g, xn--6qq986b3xl, xn--80adxhks, xn--80ao21a, xn--80asehdb, xn--80aswg, xn--c1avg, xn--clchc0ea0b2g2a9gcd, xn--czrs0t, xn--czru2d, xn--d1acj3b, xn--d1alf, xn--fiq228c5hs, xn--fiq64b, xn--fiqs8s, xn--fiqz9s, xn--flw351e, xn--hxt814e, xn--i1b6b1a6a2e, xn--io0a7i, xn--j1amh, xn--j6w193g, xn--kput3i, xn--lgbbat1ad8j, xn--mgb9awbf, xn--mgba3a4f16a, xn--mgbaam7a8h, xn--mgberp4a5d4ar, xn--mgbx4cd0ab, xn--mxtq1m, xn--ngbc5azd, xn--nqv7f, xn--o3cw4h, xn--ogbpf8fl, xn--p1acf, xn--p1ai, xn--q9jyb4c, xn--qcka1pmc, xn--unup4y, xn--vermgensberater-ctb, xn--vermgensberatung-pwb, xn--vhquv, xn--wgbl6a, xn--xhq521b, xn--yfro4i67o, xn--ygbi2ammx, xn--zfr164b, xxx, xyz,,, yodobashi, yoga, youtube, yt,,,, zip,,, zm, zone, zuerich

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