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A simple, lightweight C library for writing XMPP clients
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libstrophe is a lightweight XMPP client library written in C. It has minimal dependencies and is configurable for various environments. It runs well on Linux, Unix and Windows based platforms.

Its goals are:

  • usable quickly
  • well documented
  • reliable

Build Instructions

If you are building from a source control checkout, run:


to generate the configure script.

From the top-level directory, run the following commands:


The public API is defined in strophe.h which is in the top-level directory.

The examples directory contains some examples of how to use the library; these may be helpful in addition to the API documentation

To install on your system, as root (or using sudo):

make install

Note, the default install path is /usr/local/, to specify another path use the --prefix option during configure, e.g.:

./configure --prefix=/usr


Run script and follow the instructions. You will need expat sources and android-ndk.


libstrophe requires:

  • expat or libxml2 - expat is the default; use --with-libxml2 to switch
  • openssl on UNIX systems

To build libstrophe using autotools you will need autoconf, automake, libtool and pkg-config.


libstrophe package has been added to popular Linux distributions, BSD systems and OSX package managers.


API documentation is inline with the code and conforms to Doxygen standards. You can generate an HTML version of the API documentation by running:


Then open docs/html/index.html.

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