Add TypeScript support to Create React App using @babel/preset-typescript
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NOTICE: Create React App adds TypeScript Support

The official Create React App project looks to be adding support for the features this package enabled. With some patience, you'll be able to use TypeScript with Create React App out of the box.

Details are available here:


Add TypeScript support to Create React App using @babel/preset-typescript.

react-app-rewire-typescript-babel-preset is a plugin for react-app-rewired which adds support for TypeScript to Create React App (react-scripts v2).

It uses the Babel preset @babel/preset-typescript as an alternative to Webpack loaders. This allows you to more easily use the Babel ecosystem of transforms and plugins.



react-scripts react-app-rewire-typescript-babel-preset
beta 2
release 3


Please see the full documentation here:

Example Config

After installation you'll end up with a config-overrides.js similar to this:

const {
  rewireWebpack: rewireTypescript,
  rewireJest: rewireTypescriptJest,
} = require("react-app-rewire-typescript-babel-preset");

module.exports = {
  webpack: function(config, env) {
    return rewireTypescript(config);
  jest: function(config) {
    return rewireTypescriptJest(config);