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Say goodbye to 'it works on my machine'. Write and run code with VSCode, using Docker-based cloud environment.
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Strove gives browser access to cloud with all major Linux-available programming languages and tools such as Python and git. You can now work on your projects from any computer you want. Naturally, we made Strove with Strove as well

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Why did we make this?

There are several problems programmers face make this project important in our eyes.

  1. Security It’s safer to store code in the cloud as it reduces the vector of physical attacks and chance of stealing the source. If the machine gets stolen, all the company has to do is deny the access from the stolen device.
  2. 'It works on my machine' problem. All team members access instances of the same programming environment, no matter if they use Macbook or an old PC.
  3. It is hard to use different computers when working on a project. The code lives in a cloud. This makes it possible to resume working on a project from any computer with internet access. This is especially useful for students and people who travel a lot.
  4. Programmers waste a lot of time on setting up the environment. The browser-based solution can cut the time to set a programming environment to seconds.

Get started

Add # + github url after to get start coding right away, for example:

Found a bug?

Raise an issue! We'll take a look!


Here are our contributors so far:

Supported languages

Strove supports all major Linux-available languages including: Python, TypeScript, Go, Javascript, PHP, C, C#, Java, Ruby, C++, and many more.

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