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Java Unified Expression Language (JUEL)

- JUEL 2.2.x is an implementation of the unified expression language (EL) as
  specified by the JSP 2.1 standard (JSR-245) and maintenance releases 1 and 2.

- Please refer to the EL specification for more information on the unified EL.
  It is available at http://jcp.org/aboutJava/communityprocess/final/jsr245.

- The JUEL distribution contains three basic jars: juel-api-2.2.x.jar includes only
  the api classes, whereas juel-impl-2.2.x.jar includes only the implementation
  classes; juel-spi-2.2.x.jar contains no classes: it can be used to force JUEL's
  expression factory to be taken when using ExpressionFactory.newInstance(...).

- Finally, juel-2.2.x.jar combines the contents of juel-api, juel-impl and juel-spi:
  juel-2.2.x.jar = juel-api-2.2.x.jar + juel-impl-2.2.x.jar + juel-spi-2.2.x.jar
- The all-in-one JUEL jar may be run from the command line to dump the parse tree
  of an EL expression:
  $ java -jar juel-2.2.x.jar "#{unified(expression[language])}"
  +- #{...}
     +- unified(...)
        +- [...]
           +- expression
           +- language

- Enjoy!