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Generating Documentation

This file should be used to automatically generate the documentation of the org-mode-clj-tests-utils application. This file should resides in the org folder where all the org files are available.

What this file does is to define the Org-mode project for which we want to generate the documentation. The only thing you have to do is to run the code in each code block using C-c and then Org-mode will export each of the Org file into the appropriate export format.

Generate HTML Documentation

All the Org files that generate the org-mode-clj-tests-utils project can be exported as HTML documentation pages by running the following two code blocks.

But first let’s take a look at how the Org-mode project that generate this documentation got configured:

  • Settings
    • :base-directory
      • The base directory is the current directory which is the [project]/org/ directory where all the Org files are defined
    • :recursive
      • We specify that we want Org-mode to generate HTML files for each Org file in all children folder (recursively)
    • :publishing-directory
      • We specify where we want to publish the HTML documentation from the Org files
    • :publishing-function
      • We specify that we want to publish everything in HTML
    • :section-numbers
      • We don’t want any kind of section numbers generated by Org-mode
    • :with-toc
      • We want to include a table of content for each generated documentation file
    • :auto-sitemap
      • We want to generate a sitemap automatically. The file is named sitemap.html
    • :html-head
      • We want to specify a style sheet that will be used by each generated HTML file. It should be located in doc/html/css/


Different themes and styles can be defined for the generated HTML pages. To enable a theme, you simply have to select the proper :html-head setting.

The main themes comes form the org-html-themes extension.

Publishing Options

Additional settings and configurations are available from these two web pages:


To publish in HTML, you simply have to run the following code blocks:

(defun org-publish-org-sitemap-includes (project &optional sitemap-filename)
  "Create a sitemap of pages in set defined by PROJECT.
Optionally set the filename of the sitemap with SITEMAP-FILENAME.
Default for SITEMAP-FILENAME is `'."
  (let* ((project-plist (cdr project))
	 (dir (file-name-as-directory
	       (plist-get project-plist :base-directory)))
	 (localdir (file-name-directory dir))
	 (exclude-regexp (plist-get project-plist :exclude))
	 (files (nreverse
		 (org-publish-get-base-files project exclude-regexp)))
	 (sitemap-filename (concat dir (or sitemap-filename "")))
	 (sitemap-title (or (plist-get project-plist :sitemap-title)
			  (concat "Sitemap for project " (car project))))
	  (plist-get project-plist :sitemap-sans-extension))
	 (visiting (find-buffer-visiting sitemap-filename))
	 file sitemap-buffer)
	(let ((org-inhibit-startup t))
	  (setq sitemap-buffer
		(or visiting (find-file sitemap-filename))))
      (insert (concat "#+TITLE: " sitemap-title "\n\n"))
      (while (setq file (pop files))
	(let ((link (file-relative-name file dir))
	      (oldlocal localdir))
	  (when sitemap-sans-extension
	    (setq link (file-name-sans-extension link)))
	  ;; sitemap shouldn't list itself
	  (unless (equal (file-truename sitemap-filename)
			 (file-truename file))	    
	    (let ((entry
		    org-publish-sitemap-file-entry-format file project-plist)))
	      (insert (concat "* " entry "\n"
			      "#+INCLUDE: " link "\n"))))))
    (or visiting (kill-buffer sitemap-buffer))))
(setq org-publish-project-alist
	 :base-directory "."
	 :publishing-directory "../doc/html"
	 :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html
	 :section-numbers nil
         :recursive t
	 :exclude "fulldoc\\.org\\|project\\.org\\|tangle\\-all\\.org\\|setup\\.org\\|publish\\.org"
	 :with-toc t
	 :auto-sitemap t
	 :sitemap-function org-publish-org-sitemap-includes

	 ; ReadTheOrg Theme
	 :html-head "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"themes/styles/readtheorg/css/htmlize.css\"/>
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"themes/styles/readtheorg/css/readtheorg.css\"/>
<script src=\"\"></script>
<script src=\"\"></script>
<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"themes/styles/lib/js/jquery.stickytableheaders.js\"></script>
<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"themes/styles/readtheorg/js/readtheorg.js\"></script>")))
(setq org-publish-use-timestamps-flag nil)
(setq org-export-html-style-include-scripts nil
      org-export-html-style-include-default nil)


Generate API Documentation

It is also important to generate great API documentation. We can easily do this by using the Codox Clojure application by running the following code block:

(use 'codox.main)

(generate-docs {:output-path "doc/api"})

Generate PDF Documentation

All the Org-mode files that defines this project can be exported in PDF by running the following code blocks.

(setq org-publish-project-alist
	 :base-directory "."
	 :publishing-directory "../doc/pdf"
	 :publishing-function org-latex-publish-to-pdf
         :recursive t
	 :section-numbers nil
	 :with-toc t
	 :auto-sitemap t)))