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Welcome to StructureMap, the oldest Inversion of Control container for .Net.

Getting StructureMap

Join the chat at

StructureMap is available via NuGet:

Install-Package StructureMap

If you want to fix a bug or just want to tinker with an idea, we love receiving pull requests!

Building the Source

  1. Clone the repository: git clone git://
  2. Open the solution at src/StructureMap.sln and go to town! Note that Paket is used for auto-restoring Nuget dependencies as part of the MSBuild compilation. Just compile through VS.Net to retrieve all the dependencies.


The StructureMap team uses Rake internally and on the CI server, but Rake is no longer necessary in any way for developing with the StructureMap codebase.

Please post any questions or bugs to the StructureMap Users mailing list.

The latest documentation is available at

Thanks for trying StructureMap.

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