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The StructureMap team does not recommend using "optional" dependencies as shown in this topic, but external frameworks like ASP.Net MVC and Web API use this concept in their IoC container integration, so here it is. The StructureMap team prefers the usage of the Nullo pattern instead.

In normal usage, if you ask StructureMap for a service and StructureMap doesn't recognize the requested type, the requested name, or know what the default should be for that type, StructureMap will fail fast by throwing an exception rather than returning a null. Sometimes though, you may want to retrieve an optional service from StructureMap that may or may not be registered in the Container. If that particular registration doesn't exist, you just want a null value. StructureMap provides first class support for optional dependencies through the usage of the IContainer.TryGetInstance() methods.

Say you have a simple interface IFoo that may or may not be registered in the Container:


In your own code you might request the IFoo service like the code below, knowing that you'll take responsibility yourself for building the IFoo service if StructureMap doesn't have a registration for IFoo:


Just to make this perfectly clear, if StructureMap has a default registration for IFoo, you get this behavior:


If StructureMap knows nothing about IFoo, you get a null:


Concrete Types

Since it's not a perfect world, there are some gotchas you need to be aware of. While StructureMap will happily auto-resolve concrete types that aren't registered, that does not apply to the TryGetInstance mechanism:


Optional Generic Types

If you are using open generic types, the TryGetInstance() mechanism can close the open generic registration to satisfy the optional dependency like this sample: