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Structurizr for .NET

This GitHub repository is an official client library for the Structurizr cloud service and on-premises installation, both of which are web-based publishing platforms for software architecture models based upon the C4 model. The component finder, adr-tools importer, and alternative diagram export formats (e.g. PlantUML) can be found at Structurizr for .NET extensions.

A quick example

As an example, the following C# code can be used to create a software architecture model that describes a user using a software system.

Workspace workspace = new Workspace("Getting Started", "This is a model of my software system.");
Model model = workspace.Model;

Person user = model.AddPerson("User", "A user of my software system.");
SoftwareSystem softwareSystem = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Software System", "My software system.");
user.Uses(softwareSystem, "Uses");

ViewSet viewSet = workspace.Views;
SystemContextView contextView = viewSet.CreateSystemContextView(softwareSystem, "SystemContext", "An example of a System Context diagram.");

Styles styles = viewSet.Configuration.Styles;
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.SoftwareSystem) { Background = "#1168bd", Color = "#ffffff" });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Person) { Background = "#08427b", Color = "#ffffff", Shape = Shape.Person });

The view can then be exported to be visualised using the Structurizr service, or other formats including PlantUML, WebSequenceDiagrams and Graphviz via the Structurizr for .NET extensions.

Views can be exported and visualised in many ways; e.g. PlantUML, Structurizr and Graphviz

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