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using Structurizr.Api;
using System.IO;
using Structurizr.Documentation;
namespace Structurizr.Examples
/// <summary>
/// This is a simple (incomplete) example C4 model based upon the financial risk system
/// architecture kata, which can be found at
/// You can see the workspace online at
/// </summary>
public class FinancialRiskSystem
private const long WorkspaceId = 31;
private const string ApiKey = "key";
private const string ApiSecret = "secret";
private const string AlertTag = "Alert";
static void Main()
Workspace workspace = new Workspace("Financial Risk System", "This is a simple (incomplete) example C4 model based upon the financial risk system architecture kata, which can be found at");
Model model = workspace.Model;
SoftwareSystem financialRiskSystem = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Financial Risk System", "Calculates the bank's exposure to risk for product X.");
Person businessUser = model.AddPerson("Business User", "A regular business user.");
businessUser.Uses(financialRiskSystem, "Views reports using");
Person configurationUser = model.AddPerson("Configuration User", "A regular business user who can also configure the parameters used in the risk calculations.");
configurationUser.Uses(financialRiskSystem, "Configures parameters using");
SoftwareSystem tradeDataSystem = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Trade Data System", "The system of record for trades of type X.");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(tradeDataSystem, "Gets trade data from");
SoftwareSystem referenceDataSystem = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Reference Data System", "Manages reference data for all counterparties the bank interacts with.");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(referenceDataSystem, "Gets counterparty data from");
SoftwareSystem referenceDataSystemV2 = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Reference Data System v2.0", "Manages reference data for all counterparties the bank interacts with.");
referenceDataSystemV2.AddTags("Future State");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(referenceDataSystemV2, "Gets counterparty data from").AddTags("Future State");
SoftwareSystem emailSystem = model.AddSoftwareSystem("E-mail system", "The bank's Microsoft Exchange system.");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(emailSystem, "Sends a notification that a report is ready to");
emailSystem.Delivers(businessUser, "Sends a notification that a report is ready to", "E-mail message", InteractionStyle.Asynchronous);
SoftwareSystem centralMonitoringService = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Central Monitoring Service", "The bank's central monitoring and alerting dashboard.");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(centralMonitoringService, "Sends critical failure alerts to", "SNMP", InteractionStyle.Asynchronous).AddTags(AlertTag);
SoftwareSystem activeDirectory = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Active Directory", "The bank's authentication and authorisation system.");
financialRiskSystem.Uses(activeDirectory, "Uses for user authentication and authorisation");
ViewSet views = workspace.Views;
SystemContextView contextView = views.CreateSystemContextView(financialRiskSystem, "Context", "An example System Context diagram for the Financial Risk System architecture kata.");
Styles styles = views.Configuration.Styles;
financialRiskSystem.AddTags("Risk System");
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Element) { Color = "#ffffff", FontSize = 34 });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle("Risk System") { Background = "#550000", Color = "#ffffff" });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.SoftwareSystem) { Width = 650, Height = 400, Background = "#801515", Shape = Shape.RoundedBox });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Person) { Width = 550, Background = "#d46a6a", Shape = Shape.Person });
styles.Add(new RelationshipStyle(Tags.Relationship) { Thickness = 4, Dashed = false, FontSize = 32, Width = 400 });
styles.Add(new RelationshipStyle(Tags.Synchronous) { Dashed = false });
styles.Add(new RelationshipStyle(Tags.Asynchronous) { Dashed = true });
styles.Add(new RelationshipStyle(AlertTag) { Color = "#ff0000" });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle("Future State") { Opacity = 30, Border = Border.Dashed });
styles.Add(new RelationshipStyle("Future State") { Opacity = 30, Dashed = true });
StructurizrDocumentationTemplate template = new StructurizrDocumentationTemplate(workspace);
DirectoryInfo documentationRoot = new DirectoryInfo("FinancialRiskSystem");
template.AddContextSection(financialRiskSystem, new FileInfo(Path.Combine(documentationRoot.FullName, "context.adoc")));
template.AddFunctionalOverviewSection(financialRiskSystem, new FileInfo(Path.Combine(documentationRoot.FullName, "")));
template.AddQualityAttributesSection(financialRiskSystem, new FileInfo(Path.Combine(documentationRoot.FullName, "")));
StructurizrClient structurizrClient = new StructurizrClient(ApiKey, ApiSecret);
structurizrClient.PutWorkspace(WorkspaceId, workspace);