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using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;
using Structurizr.Analysis;
using Structurizr.Api;
using System.IO;
namespace Structurizr.Examples
class ContosoUniversity
private const string AssemblyLocation = @"C:\Users\simon\ContosoUniversity\ContosoUniversity\bin";
private const long WorkspaceId = 9581;
private const string ApiKey = "";
private const string ApiSecret = "";
static void Main(string[] args)
Workspace workspace = new Workspace("Contoso University", "A software architecture model of the Contoso University sample project.");
Model model = workspace.Model;
ViewSet views = workspace.Views;
Styles styles = views.Configuration.Styles;
Person universityStaff = model.AddPerson("University Staff", "A staff member of the Contoso University.");
SoftwareSystem contosoUniversity = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Contoso University", "Allows staff to view and update student, course, and instructor information.");
universityStaff.Uses(contosoUniversity, "uses");
// if the client-side of this application was richer (e.g. it was a single-page app), I would include the web browser
// as a container (i.e. User --uses-> Web Browser --uses-> Web Application (backend for frontend) --uses-> Database)
Container webApplication = contosoUniversity.AddContainer("Web Application", "Allows staff to view and update student, course, and instructor information.", "Microsoft ASP.NET MVC");
Container database = contosoUniversity.AddContainer("Database", "Stores information about students, courses and instructors", "Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB");
universityStaff.Uses(webApplication, "Uses", "HTTPS");
webApplication.Uses(database, "Reads from and writes to");
DirectoryInfo directory = new DirectoryInfo(AssemblyLocation);
foreach (FileInfo file in directory.EnumerateFiles())
if (file.Extension == ".dll")
Type iController = Assembly.LoadFrom(Path.Combine(AssemblyLocation, "System.Web.Mvc.dll")).GetType("System.Web.Mvc.IController");
Type dbContext = Assembly.LoadFrom(Path.Combine(AssemblyLocation, "EntityFramework.dll")).GetType("System.Data.Entity.DbContext");
TypeMatcherComponentFinderStrategy typeMatcherComponentFinderStrategy = new TypeMatcherComponentFinderStrategy(
new InterfaceImplementationTypeMatcher(iController, null, "ASP.NET MVC Controller"),
new ExtendsClassTypeMatcher(dbContext, null, "Entity Framework DbContext")
typeMatcherComponentFinderStrategy.AddSupportingTypesStrategy(new ReferencedTypesSupportingTypesStrategy(false));
ComponentFinder componentFinder = new ComponentFinder(
//new TypeSummaryComponentFinderStrategy(@"C:\Users\simon\ContosoUniversity\ContosoUniversity.sln", "ContosoUniversity")
// connect the user to the web MVC controllers
webApplication.Components.ToList().FindAll(c => c.Technology == "ASP.NET MVC Controller").ForEach(c => universityStaff.Uses(c, "uses"));
// connect all DbContext components to the database
webApplication.Components.ToList().FindAll(c => c.Technology == "Entity Framework DbContext").ForEach(c => c.Uses(database, "Reads from and writes to"));
// link the components to the source code
foreach (Component component in webApplication.Components)
foreach (CodeElement codeElement in component.CodeElements)
if (codeElement.Url != null)
codeElement.Url = codeElement.Url.Replace(new Uri(@"C:\Users\simon\ContosoUniversity\").AbsoluteUri, "");
codeElement.Url = codeElement.Url.Replace('\\', '/');
// rather than creating a component model for the database, let's simply link to the DDL
// (this is really just an example of linking an arbitrary element in the model to an external resource)
database.Url = "";
SystemContextView contextView = views.CreateSystemContextView(contosoUniversity, "Context", "The system context view for the Contoso University system.");
ContainerView containerView = views.CreateContainerView(contosoUniversity, "Containers", "The containers that make up the Contoso University system.");
ComponentView componentView = views.CreateComponentView(webApplication, "Components", "The components inside the Contoso University web application.");
// create an example dynamic view for a feature
DynamicView dynamicView = views.CreateDynamicView(webApplication, "GetCoursesForDepartment", "A summary of the \"get courses for department\" feature.");
Component courseController = webApplication.GetComponentWithName("CourseController");
Component schoolContext = webApplication.GetComponentWithName("SchoolContext");
dynamicView.Add(universityStaff, "Requests the list of courses from", courseController);
dynamicView.Add(courseController, "Uses", schoolContext);
dynamicView.Add(schoolContext, "Gets a list of courses from", database);
// add some styling
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Person) { Background = "#0d4d4d", Color = "#ffffff", Shape = Shape.Person });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.SoftwareSystem) { Background = "#003333", Color = "#ffffff" });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Container) { Background = "#226666", Color = "#ffffff" });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle("Database") { Shape = Shape.Cylinder });
styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Component) { Background = "#407f7f", Color = "#ffffff" });
StructurizrClient structurizrClient = new StructurizrClient(ApiKey, ApiSecret);
structurizrClient.PutWorkspace(WorkspaceId, workspace);