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In addition to diagrams, Structurizr lets you create supplementary documentation using the Markdown or AsciiDoc formats.

Example documentation

See for an example.

Documentation templates

The documentation is broken up into a number of sections, as defined by the template you are using, the following of which are included:

Custom sections

You can add custom sections using the AddSection method on the DocumentationTemplate class:

template.AddSection(softwareSystem, "My custom section", Format.Markdown, ...);


Images can be included using the regular Markdown/AsciiDoc syntax.

Including images

For this to work, the image files must be hosted externally (e.g. on your own web server, ideally accessible via HTTPS) or uploaded with your workspace using the AddImages() or AddImage() methods on the DocumentationTemplate class.

template.AddImages(new DirectoryInfo("..."));

See and FinancialRiskSystem for an example.

Embedding diagrams

Software architecture diagrams from your workspace can be embedded within the documentation sections using an additional special syntax.

Embedding diagrams

The syntax is similar to that used for including images, for example:

Markdown - ![](embed:DiagramKey)
AsciiDoc - image::embed:DiagramKey[]

See, context.adoc and FinancialRiskSystem for an example.