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Roadmap for Strudel and related tools
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Strudel Roadmap



  • Planned release: June 2019
  • Finished documentation
  • Performance tests and optimisation
  • createDecorator utility function
  • Babel 7 support (new decorator spec alignment)
  • Stability improvements

Backlog, ideas

  • RxJS support
  • Utils like viewport tracking, scrollspy etc.
  • Reactive decorators to reduce imperative DOM modification
  • Class mixins
  • Types / Typescript



  • Status: 1.0
  • Parcel example
  • Finished theme template
  • Finished clientlib template

Dev Tools

  • Planned release: December 2018
  • Component properties in Inspector
  • Event debugger
  • Component tree inspector

Style guide

  • Planned release: Q1 2019
  • Goal: Establish recommended way of writing code
  • Dedicated section on website


  • Planned release: Q1 2019
  • Goal: Offer code snippets for common scenarios
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