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This repository contains my personal dotfiles. Most of it is geared towards a git-, Emacs-, and zsh-centric workflow. You'll also find some legacy files for e.g. bash that haven't been touched in ages.

This repository also contains a useful script called configctl, which is used to manage all the files in this repository. It's semi-automatic and is pretty easy to understand (head -25 configctl will show a nice overview of the parameters, and you can get a nice help summary by executing ./configctl help).


configctl has the capability to read in a local configuration file, local-config. With this file you can override the behavior of certain routines of configctl. local-config is written with one keyword per line. Here are the options:

Option Description
no-ssh Specifies that configctl check should not warn if it cannot find a general-purpose SSH key.
headless Specifies that configctl check should not warn if it cannot find programs that would only make sense to have under a graphical environment.
no-nodejs Specifies that configctl check should assume that Node.js is not available.


Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this repository are licensed under the WTFPL.

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