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This repository contains my personal dotfiles. Most of it is geared towards a git-, Emacs-, and zsh-centric workflow. You'll also find some legacy files for e.g. bash that haven't been touched in ages.

This repository also contains a pretty useful script called configctl, which is used to manage all the files in this repository. It's very smart, fully automatic, and is pretty easy to understand (head -25 configctl will show a nice overview of the parameters, and you can get a nice help summary by executing ./configctl help).

configctl knows how to:

  • Link configurations into place
  • Install tools in ~ from both git clones and tarballs
  • Preinstall Emacs packages
  • Migrate old configurations
  • Precompile zsh scripts
  • Check for common binaries that I expect to have available
  • Perform other miscellaneous tasks

To put it another way, configctl knows how to bootstrap most of the environment I expect by itself, and it knows how to tell me what's missing for almost all of the rest.

configctl requires only POSIX, so it will run under almost any Unix under the sun.


configctl has the capability to read in a local configuration file, local-config. With this file you can override the behavior of certain routines of configctl. local-config is written with one keyword per line. Here are the options:

Option Description
no-ssh Specifies that configctl check should not warn if it cannot find a general-purpose SSH key.
headless Specifies that configctl check should not warn if it cannot find programs that would only make sense to have under a graphical environment.
no-nodejs Specifies that configctl check should assume that Node.js is not available.
darwin Specifies that configctl check is running on a Darwin (macOS) system. Linux is assumed otherwise.


Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this repository are licensed under the WTFPL.