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Monorepo with some frequently-used configurations we use on projects 🎨
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Code Quality Tools

Build Status

Built with ❀️ at STRV

This monorepo contains shareable configurations for various coding-style/best practices/lint tools to make the configurations consistent across projects and provide easy setup mechanism. ❀️

Available configurations

Tool Package Version Description
Commitlint @strv/commitlint-config @strv/commitlint-config Configuration for Commitlint
ESLint @strv/eslint-config-node @strv/eslint-config-node ESlint ruleset for Node.js projects
ESLint @strv/eslint-config-react @strv/eslint-config-react ESlint ruleset for React projects
ESLint @strv/eslint-config-react-native @strv/eslint-config-react-native ESlint ruleset for React-Native projects
ESLint @strv/eslint-config-typescript @strv/eslint-config-typescript ESlint ruleset for TypeScript projects
ESLint @strv/eslint-config-mocha @strv/eslint-config-mocha ESlint ruleset for Mocha test files
Prettier @strv/prettier-config @strv/prettier-config Configuration for Prettier
Remark-CLI @strv/remark-config @strv/remark-config Configuration for Remark-CLI
Stylelint @strv/stylelint-config-styled-components @strv/stylelint-config-styled-components Configuration for Stylelint


Documentation for some packages is still being worked on. Check the documentation directory for more info.


See the LICENSE file for information.

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