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Stryker Mocha Runner

A plugin to use Mocha in Stryker, the JavaScript mutation testing framework.


Install @stryker-mutator/mocha-runner locally within your project folder, like so:

npm i --save-dev @stryker-mutator/mocha-runner

Peer dependencies

The @stryker-mutator/mocha-runner is a plugin for stryker to enable mocha as a test runner. As such, you should make sure you have the correct versions of its dependencies installed:

  • mocha
  • @stryker-mutator/core


You can configure the mocha test runner in the stryker.conf.js file.

// stryker.conf.js
module.exports = function (config) {
        // ...
        testRunner: 'mocha',
        // ...
        mochaOptions: {
            // Optional mocha options
            files: [ 'test/**/*.js' ]
            opts: 'path/to/mocha.opts',
            ui: 'bdd',
            timeout: 3000,
            require: [ /*'babel-register' */],
            asyncOnly: false,
            grep: /.*/

mochaOptions.files [string or string[]]

Default: 'test/**/*.js'

Choose which files to include. This is comparable to mocha's test directory although there is no support for --recursive.

If you want to load all files recursively: use a globbing expression ('test/**/*.js'). If you want to decide on the order of files, use multiple globbing expressions. For example: use ['test/helpers/**/*.js', 'test/unit/**/*.js'] if you want to make sure your helpers are loaded before your unit tests.

mochaOptions.opts [string | false]

Default: 'test/mocha.opts'

Specify a 'mocha.opts' file to be loaded. Options specified directly in your stryker.conf.js file will overrule options from the 'mocha.opts' file. Disable loading of an additional mocha.opts file with false.

The only supported mocha options are used: --ui, --require, --async-only, --timeout, --grep (or their short form counterparts). Others are ignored by the @stryker-mutator/mocha-runner.

mochaOptions.grep [RegExp]

Default: undefined

Specify a mocha grep command, to single out individual tests.

mochaOptions.ui [string]

Default: undefined

Set the name of your mocha ui

mochaOptions.require [string[]]

Default: []

Set mocha's require option

mochaOptions.asyncOnly [boolean]

Default: false

Set mocha's asyncOnly option

mochaOptions.timeout [number]

Default: undefined

Set mocha's timeout option

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