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All configuration options can be set from the stryker4s.conf file in the root of the project. This file is read in the HOCON-format. All configuration should be in the "stryker4s" namespace.

stryker4s {
# Your configuration here


Config file: mutate: [ "**/main/scala/**/*.scala" ]
Default value: [ "**/main/scala/**/*.scala" ]
Mandatory: No
With mutate you configure the subset of files to use for mutation testing. Generally speaking, these should be your own source files.
The default for this will find files in the common Scala project format.

You can ignore files by adding an exclamation mark (!) at the start of an expression.


Config file: files: [ "**/main/scala/**/*.scala" ]
Default value: result of git ls-files --others --exclude-standard --cached
Mandatory: No
With files you can choose which files should be included in your mutation run sandbox. This is normally not needed as it defaults to all files not ignored by git. If you do need to override files (for example, when your project isn't in a git repository), you can override the files config.

You can ignore files by adding an exclamation mark (!) at the start of an expression.


Config file: base-dir: '/usr/your/project/folder/here'
Default value: The directory from which the process is started
Mandatory: No
With base-dir you specify the directory from which stryker4s starts and searches for mutations. The default for this is the directory from which the project is being run, which should be fine in most cases. This value can also be relative to the current working directory, E.G.: base-dir: submodule1 to set the base-dir to a submodule of your project.


Config file: test-runner: { type: "commandrunner", command: "sbt", args: "test" }
Default value: A command-runner with the sbt test command
Mandatory: No
With test-runner you can specify how stryker4s runs tests. The default for this is a command-runner that will run the sbt test command. This can be changed to mvn test, ./gradlew test or any other command to run your tests, including any parameters your tests might need.

When using the sbt plugin, this configuration is ignored and the sbt test runner is always used.


Config file: reporters: ["console"]
Default value: A reporter that will report to console.
Mandatory: No
With reporters you can specify reporters for stryker4s to use. By default the console reporter is used which will report to your console.


Config file: log-level: INFO
Default value: INFO
Mandatory: No
With log-level you can override the default logging level with one of the following Logback logging levels: ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE, ALL, OFF.


Config file: excluded-mutations: ["BooleanLiteral"]
Default value: []
Mandatory: No
With excluded-mutations, you can turn off certain mutations in the project. Allowed values are the following:

  • EqualityOperator
  • BooleanLiteral
  • LogicalOperator
  • StringLiteral
  • MethodExpression


Config file: thresholds{ high=80, low=60, break=0 }
Default values: high=80, low=60, break=0
Mandatory: No
Specify the thresholds for mutation scores.

  • mutation score >= high: Success! Mutation score will be logged at the INFO level.
  • high > mutation score >= low: Warning! Mutation score will be logged at the WARN level.
  • mutation score < low: Dangerously low! Mutation score will be logged at the ERROR level with an extra warning.
  • mutation score < break: Error! Stryker will exit with exit code 1, indicating a build failure.

Setting break=0 (default value) ensures that the build will never fail.