FormattedMoney is used for showing formatted money output from cents and converting formatted float to cents
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For all Rubyist that use Integer for storing money values as cents. This is a dead simple gem for converting money from user inputs to Integer values for storing and fast precise calculations (and back). Does everything you need and nothing else. Well tested.

Installation and requirements

Install the gem and require it:

$ gem install formatted-money
require 'formatted-money'

FormattedMoney is built for Ruby 2.2.0 and higher.

Object scope and limitations

FormattedMoney provides a simple way to present stored Integer money values saved as cents and a way to parse it back from user input.

Unfortunatelly support for custom number of cents nor Indian formatting is not supported ATM.


First you create a formatter depending on the country style you would like, then simply call either amount or cents methods.

Available styles:

> FormattedMoney::STYLES.keys
=> [:archentine, :armenian, :arubanian, :australian, :austrian, :bahamian, :batswanan, :bangladeshian, :belgian, :belizean, :bermudian, :bolivian, :bosnian, :brazilian, :british, :bruneian, :canadian, :cayman, :chinesian, :colombian, :costarican, :croatian, :cuban, :cypriot, :czech, :danish, :dutch, :dominican, :egyptian, :filipino, :finnish, :french, :german, :gibraltarian, :greek, :ghanaian, :guatemalan, :hondurican, :hk, :indonesian, :iranian, :irish, :israelian, :italian, :jamaikan, :kenyan, :latvian, :luxembourgian, :macedonian, :malaysian, :maltesian, :mozambican, :mexican, :norwegian, :nepalesian, :pakistani, :peruan, :portuguese, :romanian, :russian, :uae, :uruguayan, :us, :saudian, :singaporean, :spanish, :slovenian, :tanzanian, :turkish, :thai, :tongan, :venezuelan, :zealandian]

Czech Koruna example

koruna_formatter = :czech)
koruna_formatter.amount(100000) # => 1.000,00
koruna_formatter.amount(-123456) # => -1.234,56
koruna_formatter.cents('1.234,56') # => 123456

American Dollar example

dollar_formatter = :us)
dollar_formatter.amount(100000) # => 1,000.00
dollar_formatter.amount(-123456) # => -1,234.56
dollar_formatter.cents('-1,234.56') # => -123456

Custom style

If this library does not yet support style you need you can use the FormattedMoney class methods directly and provide your own settings:

FormattedMoney.delimiter = ' '
FormattedMoney.cents_separator = ','
FormattedMoney.amount(13820000) # => "138 200,00"
FormattedMoney.cents('1 394 000,56') # => 139400056