Single-entry accounting, the open source way.
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Rails Engine/RubyGem for single-entry accounting. Currently only in Czech for the Czech Legislation. It's a mountable Engine, so you don't have to worry about namespace issues.


Specify the dependency:

# Gemfile
gem 'invoice_bar'

And load the Engine at a specific path:

# config/routes.rb
mount InvoiceBar::Engine => "/"


First created user is an administrator, who should create list of currencies. Then you can create accounts under "Nastavení/Účty" (at invoice_bar/accounts) and start invoicing. If the invoice is marked as paid, the corresponding receipt will be created.


  • Invoicing -- issued and received invoices
  • Tracking of sent/not sent/paid/unpaid invoices
  • Accounting -- income and expence receipts (created from invoices by a single click)
  • Contacts -- address book with autofilling when creating bills
  • Invoice and receipt templates
  • Loading contact information by IČ from ARES database when creating bills
  • Search


To run API test:

$ bundle exec ruby -Ilib:test -e 'Dir.glob("./test/api/**/*.rb").each {|f| require f }'

To run functional tests:

$ bundle exec ruby -Ilib:test -e 'Dir.glob("./test/functional/**/*.rb").each {|f| require f }'