Gem for accesing business information from ARES database.
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Gem for accesing business information from ARES database.

ARES is the Czech business database maintained by Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. This gem helps to retrieve data provided by this database. Currently ruby-ares supports only retrieval of basic information and addresses for business contacts by IČ (Czech business contact identification number).

Installation and Requirements

Install the gem and require it:

$ gem install ruby-ares
require 'ruby-ares'

This will need libxml2 (with header files) installed. On Fedora:

su -c 'yum install libxml2-devel'

Gained information

  • ICO / Company number
  • DIC / VAT number
  • Company name
  • Company state
  • Addresses
  • Legal form / Legal form ARES id
  • Case reference (where company is registered)


To get an ARES subjet/party by IČ:

subject = RubyARES::Subject.get(27074358)

And then:

subject => #<RubyARES::Subject:0x00000002502470 @ico=”27074358”, @ic=”27074358”, @dic=”CZ27074358”, @name=”Asseco Central Europe, a.s.”, @company=nil, @status=”Aktivní”, @addresses=[#<RubyARES::Address:0x000000025026f0 @id=”200015797”, @street=”Budějovická”, @postcode=”14000”, @city=”Praha”, @city_part=”Michle”, @house_number=”778”, @house_number_type=”1”, @orientational_number=”3a”>], @updated_at=nil, @legal_form=”Akciová společnost”, @legal_form_id=”121”, @case_reference=#<RubyARES::CaseReference:0x00000001e386f8 @place=”Městský soud v Praze”, @section=”B”, @insert=”8525”>> => “Asseco Central Europe, a.s.”
subject.ic => “27074358”
subject.address => #<RubyARES::Address:0x000000025026f0 @id=”200015797”, @street=”Budějovická”, @postcode=”14000”, @city=”Praha”, @city_part=”Michle”, @house_number=”778”, @house_number_type=”1”, @orientational_number=”3a”>
subject.address.to_str => “Budějovická 3a/778\n14000 Praha\nMichle\n”
subject.case_reference => #<RubyARES::CaseReference:0x00000001e386f8 @place=”Městský soud v Praze”, @section=”B”, @insert=”8525”>
subject.case_reference.to_str => “Městský soud v Praze B 8525


ruby-ares will raise either RubyARES::Parser::ARESDatabaseError or RubyARES::Parser::ParseError if the ARES database responds with an error or the XML doesn't contain the information you are looking for.

If the connection to the ARES database can't be established ruby-ares raises RubyARES::HTTP::ConnectionError.


ruby-ares is written and maintained by Josef Strzibny.

See LICENSE file.


Contributions are welcome!

Here are the list of current contributors:

  • Jindřich Skupa