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My 2019 Advent of Code solutions, in Rust
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Advent of Code 2019, in Rust

My solutions to Advent of Code 2019, which I'm doing in Rust.

Happy December 2019! I'm tackling Advent of Code 2019 in Rust, as usual.

I used Rust for the 2018 AoC and the 2017 AoC, too, but I've never gotten far. My goal is to beat my record of 16 stars (out of a possible 50), which I managed back in 2017.

How this repo is organized

The code for each day's challenge (1 through, hopefully-but-probably-not-all-the-way-to, 25) is in a Rust executable in src/bin. Thus the code for, say, Day 2's executable is located in src/bin/ To run the Day 2 executable, from the root directory run cargo run --bin day02. To run tests, if there are any, run cargo test --bin day02.

The input for each challenge is located in inputs and named by the day (so for example, inputs/day02.txt).

Some useful helper functions

A lot of the Advent of Code puzzles require similar file-reading and parsing tasks. I put some of the more useful functions I've used over the years in src/, including some basic tests. Feel free to submit pull requests or issues related to them, or copy them over to your AoC project!

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