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Jot v. 0.1.2

Jot is a simple shell script that allows you to write, open, and edit markdown files in a specified directory from anywhere in your system.


  1. Git Clone this directory to your local machine
  2. Modify the JOT_ROUTE variable at the top of so that it points to where you want your jotted notes to be saved.
  3. In your .bash_profile, paste the following, substituting your file location of the file:
function jot { 
  bash /Users/$USER/Documents/code/jot/ "$*" 

While still in your .bash_profile, be sure you have the $EDITOR global variable set to the command to open your preferred text editor. For example, export EDITOR="mvim" or export EDITOR="subl".

How to Use

From anywhere in your system, you can now run:

  • jot new file to create new-file.mdown in your specified directory. Jot will also open the new file for you.
  • jot select to be presented with list of your files
  • jot all to open your specified jot directory in your chosen text editor.
  • jot where to ask where you're currently jotting

Recommended Use

Setting the JOT_ROUTE to a shared directory, like your computer's Dropbox folder, may be particularly useful for sharing notes between machines, including mobile devices. Here's a blog post about integrating Jot with Byword on iOS.

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