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Pink Moon, a colorscheme for Vim/Neovim

Pink Moon, iTerm2, Neovim, Ruby

Pink Moon, iTerm2, Neovim, HTML and CSS


Option 1: Install via plugin manager vim-plug

  1. Add Plug 'sts10/vim-pink-moon' as a plugin in your Vim config file (either vimrc or init.vim if using Neovim)
  2. Run :PlugInstall
  3. Put colorscheme pink-moon in your Vim config file. vim-pink-moon should run set background=dark for you.

(A similar procedure should work with other plugin managers.)

Option 2: Manual installation

  1. Clone or download this repo.
  2. Move colors/pink-moon.vim into your ~/.vim/colors directory.
  3. Put colorscheme pink-moon and set background=dark in your vimrc.

The font in the screenshots above is Deja Vu Sans Mono


I'm still tweaking with this colorscheme quite a bit, so apologies if you liked an older version more. An older version is saved in this repo as yellow-moon. Also, feel free to submit issues and pull requests.

I liked the vibe of this setup (which I found thanks to this Reddit post), though I ended up picking most if not all of the colors independently.

Getting True HEX Colors

Vim-Pink-Moon has HEX color codes in it, so it works well with GVim (including MacVim), as well as terminals that have true color support (like iTerm2 for macOS).

If you're using Neovim and macOS and having trouble with getting the colors in the screenshot above to appear for you, I've got a blog post explaining how to get HEX colors in iTerm2 using Neovim. I also later wrote a separate blog post about troubleshooting HEX colors will regular terminal Vim + iTerm.